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We'd be delighted to help you plan your wedding at St Augustine's.  To make an enquiry about getting married in this parish, please contact the Parish Office on  or call 01992 444117.  Please see the FAQs below which may help...

Special Acknowledgement to Matt Wing (Wedding Photographer)

Frequently Asked Questions 
We are delighted that you are considering planning a wedding with us, we hope that the information below answers your questions, if it doesn’t please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – see the contact details below. 
Do we have to live in Broxbourne or Wormley to be married there?

Not necessarily.  If you don’t live in this parish, you will be asked to verify if you have any kind of Qualifying Connection e.g. if you were christened or confirmed in the parish, or previously lived in the parish for more than 6 months, or have worshipped here for at least 6 months, or if your parents or grandparents were married in the parish. (Evidence will be needed.)  If you don’t have a Qualifying Connection but are prepared to attend church at least once per month for 6 months in order to establish one, then you can be married here. 
Do I have to have been christened to get married in church?

Who do I contact to enquire about getting married?

In the first instance please contact the Parish Office to make an enquiry.  Email   or call 01992 444117. 
How do we make a booking?

You’ll have a meeting with one of our clergy to have a chat and complete a booking form.  You’ll need to bring with you photographic proof of ID such as a passport and proof of address such as a utility bill (and photocopies of both of these).  We take a £100 deposit to secure the date and make a firm booking. 
Can I be married in church if I’m divorced?

Sometimes; there is no blanket yes or no and each case is treated individually.  You’ll need to talk to the minister about this. 
How much does it cost?

Fees are reviewed annually.  It depends which elements you wish to have, such as church choir, bell-ringers, our orders of service etc. or not.  As a guide, the cost in 2024 will range between  £609 - £1220.75 at St Augustine’s Church, Broxbourne and £609 - £968 at St Laurence, Wormley.  Please note, we cannot gurantee the availability of bell-ringers, so the more notice we can give them the better.
When do we pay the wedding fees?

The balance of fees is due one month before your wedding date. 
How many people can the church seat?

St Augustine’s, Broxbourne can comfortably seat approx. 250 and can accommodate more if necessary.  St Laurence, Wormley is smaller, has a semi-rural feel and is ideally suited to smaller weddings with up to about 130 guests maximum. 
Can you give advice on hymns and readings?

Absolutely, we’re happy to!  We have lists of suitable hymns, Bible readings and poetry if you’d like some ideas. 
Are we allowed to have any other readings as well?

You must have a Bible reading but yes, you can include another reading as well. 
Who produces the order of service?

We can do so, or you can produce your own.  If you do your own, you must give us a draft BEFORE you have them printed so that we can check the running order is correct. 
What about church flowers?

We can supply these (a large pedestal arrangement to go at the front) to tie in with your colour scheme.   

Can we have confetti?

Yes indeed, biodegradable please, we just ask that it is thrown by the church gates, so that it doesn’t blow back inside making extra work for our volunteer cleaners! 

Is photography allowed in church?

Yes, as you come into church, but not during the service and we do request that there is no flash photography (too intrusive and distracting for everyone).  Please remember that this is a church service. You may have one appointed photographer (or videographer, £32 charge for this) to take photos during the service, but they must be unobtrusive and not get in the way of either the clergy or wedding guests.  Outside the church you can take as many photos as you wish! 
Further questions?

Please email our administrator at  

We look forward to helping you. 


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